Filter Producer for Heavy Duty Vehicles, Machines and Devices:
Hydraulic Filters, Oil Filters, Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Oil Separator Filters, Gas Filters, Water Filter, Industrial Filters

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   Unlimited production capabilities - since 1980.

   Instant filter production and regeneration - serial and on demand - from 1 pc, even in 1 hour.

   Top quality of used filtration materials (Germany).

   Free finding, estimation, price, project, documentation the right filter.

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  A handful of information...

- Total 5422 filter items
- Includes 70% hydraulic filters
- Production since 1980
- We do not produce can filters and panel filters


We guarantee covering repair costs of all vehicles, machines and devices to amount of 30000 USD for any damage caused by the filters of our production. Thus, we want to assure you that we produce only properly working filters, and therefore we do not worry to give so unusual security guarantee.

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